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#58 If There's a Cure For This, I Don't Want It

My first birthday. There's a lot to unpack in this photo so you may want to download it. I mean, so many clowns, right?

I slept like a log last night. It must have been the combination of the birthday love and champagne. Today, I’m basking in the afterglow — making no plans and just letting the day unfold. I even took a nap! I’m unwinding.

I had such a wonderful birthday — totally different from what I’d planned, but maybe even better. On one of the several zoom calls of the day, we talked about travel and someone asked if we could have gone somewhere together, where would it be? The obvious answer was Mykonos — which was what we’d planned. But, I realized it didn’t matter. The geography is just the backdrop for the real show. I’d be just as happy at the corner bar as on a beach in Greece, as long as I have my people with me.

And my people SHOWED UP this week. I’m overwhelmed by the calls, texts, messages, and cards. Among my favorite sentiments:

“Welcome to the Club!”

Can we get jackets???

“Welcome to Level 5…”

Intriguing. Will I have to fight a troll or answer riddles three?

“It’s the fucking best decade. Best kept secret in town. If everybody knew how good it was you wouldn’t be able to get in.”

Oh. Bring. It. On.

A couple of days before my actual birthday, my friends Misty and Liz surprised me on a zoom call with a guest appearance from Broadway star Stephen Carlile. When the world is not careening out of control, he plays Scar in the Broadway production of The Lion King.

I was completely speechless and moved when Stephen began singing Killing the Blues — a song that has great meaning for me and that I sing in my show, That’s Not How It Happened. Hearing his beautiful belting voice brought my Dad right up next to me.

Wow, those pipes though.

I actually had water coming out of my face. I think you call it… crying?

My actual birthday was a really simple affair filled with simple pleasures and some of my favorite things: creme donuts, soft pretzels, and fresh flowers.

I ate the donuts and pretzels, but here are the flowers.

I did an energizing, sweaty workout on my deck and got serenaded by the class. My neighbors looked at me like I was nuts, jumping around and shouting affirmations:

The future is unwritten!

I am the author of my life!

My word is my wand!

I keep the dream alive!

That’s OK, they don’t know what I know: I can do magic with my words and thoughts (you can too, FYI).

The highlight of the night was a zoom birthday party with my family and closest friends. My worlds were colliding in the most powerful way - friends I’ve known for 10, 20, 30 years finally meeting my family and each other. Hearing our origin stories. Sharing the space.

I asked for advice. My brother said:

"Line up your doctors now. At least 5, but more is better. Like if you buy a table at a charitable event, it’s you and your nine doctors.”

I’m thrilled that he believes I’ll be able to afford to buy a table for 10 at a charity event, even if I’m so busted up that I need a cadre of physicians to look after me.

So much laughter, a few tears. I can’t even repeat the beautiful things my people said to me — but I’m so grateful and touched by their kindness and love.*

Can you believe we don’t have matches in this joint? Not pictured: the Lobster Rolls we devoured afterward.

Lucy to the rescue!

So, today I’m a little slow, a little sleepy, a little dreamy. Maybe it’s a love hangover?

Whatever it is — more, please.


*But I’ll always have that zoom recording, so you can’t take it back!!

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