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# 1 January

January is the natural time when we feel compelled to start fresh. It’s named for Janus, a Roman god who symbolizes beginnings, transitions, doorways, All that cool clean slate, fresh start stuff.

But unlike September, when I get the urge to buy school supplies, January sends me to bed- literally. I could sleep the day away under my weighted blanket (have you heard of this? Game changer. This deserves its own post. Stay tuned for that.).

I look at January as training for February, which I sometimes refer to as “the month of no will to live.” February sucks. It’s short, but bleak. Polar vortexes loom, credit card bills from winter holidays and gift-giving come due. And Valentine’s Day. Don’t get me started.

Seriously February. Get your shit together.

I usually spend January failing spectacularly at whatever New Year’s resolution I’ve vaguely committed to and instead going into a state of sloth-like hibernation and binge-watching old sci-fi shows.

But this year.

This year feels different. I feel different. I feel ready and open to life. I'm going on dates (I’m accepting applications, so hit me up!) I’m doing The Artist's Way course. I’m getting more blowouts. I’m ready, friends!

I’m taking advantage of all this energy and committing to 100 blog posts in 2019. Roughly 2 per week. I figure my writing will improve, my creative process will improve, and hey, I gotta be out there in the world churning up topics for this thing. So my creative and social life will be popping too, right?

And yes, I realize this probably counts as a “New Year’s Resolution” and, if you read on to #2 you will note that I made this radical decision not to do resolutions.

I’m mercurial. Sue me.

This is #1.



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