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#28 It's Not Much, But It's the Best I Can Do

There was a “green room” in the theater at the San Francisco Fringe Festival. It was open to anyone who wanted to hang out there, but it was really a place for the artists, volunteers and staff to kick back, grab a snack, and shoot the shit. I flitted in and out, mostly to get water. And every time, I’d glance over at the Art Table. It was colorful and shiny and messy — overflowing with watercolors, markers, glue, scissors. Once there was a woman sitting there, making some sort of collage with feathers and glitter. As I passed her I said, “Oh, I wish I could do that!” She looked puzzled and said, “You CAN.” But, I was rushing to get to a show and besides, I don’t do "art." I mean, sure, I’

#27 Try (Just a Little Bit Harder)

I’ve been keeping this list. I call it “The Big List of Trying.” It started as a reflection about my life as I near the half century mark. I guess I'm trying to quantify the sheer number of weird, wild, and whimsical experiences I’ve collected. I was curious about what's made me curious over the years. So I've captured things that I've done in the service of satisfying that curiosity - or in somehow advancing me on my quest for self improvement. The list is long, and I’m sure, incomplete. My memory is also long, but selective. I can never leave well enough alone so I expect to make many updates, revisions, and re-classifications. I like this list. It’s ambitious and eclectic. It’s hopeful, b

#26 Don't Imagine You're Too Familiar

I’ve been traveling around with my show, meeting new people, and sometimes getting reacquainted with old friends. The thing I hear most often from those old friends is “You’re EXACTLY the same as I remember you! You haven’t changed a bit!” My internal gut response is: Oh, god. I hope that’s not true. I hope I’ve changed. I turned 49 a couple of weeks ago. As I enter my 50th year I can’t help but reflect on the person I’ve become. White spiders. I was a really cute little kid. There. I said it. I OWN it. I was fucking ADORABLE. Black hair, green eyes, dimples - the works. Cutest Kid Award Winner. Fight me. But like a supernova, I burned bright then burned out in the looks department, explodin

#25 The Stage is a World

This summer has been a whirlwind of travel, performance, and day-job drama. I’ve been on 33 flights this year and, if I’m being conservative, there are about half a dozen more to come. I’m full of Airport Candy (SM) and my body feels like I’ve been sleeping in a wheelbarrow. However, there are major upsides to the Airport Candy/Wheelbarrow plan. I’m performing my solo show, That’s Not How It Happened, all over the place. That’s amazing and I will definitely be reflecting on that experience in the coming weeks. In the meantime (shameless plug) you can read reviews of the show here and here. Photo credit: Daniel Axler Of the many wonderful things about doing these Fringe Festivals all over the

#24 Bye-Bye Fun, Get Your Homework Done

I love the start of a new month. It fills me with hope. New notebooks, promises of getting back on the wagon with workouts, meditation, productivity, [insert your thing here.] There’s an inherent clean slate, fresh start feeling in a new month — a SuperMonday, a New Year’s Lite. But if all this motivation is a tool, it’s also a weapon. Something I can use to beat the shit out of myself when I over-commit to perfecting my life and inevitably fall short of my own unreasonable expectations. I often fantasize about what my life would be life, if only. If only. If only I meditated every day. If only I worked out every day. If only I packed my lunch every day. If only I practiced my music every d


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