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#22 Three Little Birds Pitch By My Doorstep

One of my big commitments this summer is taking my solo show, That’s Not How It Happened, on the road. In January, I applied to 4 Fringe Festivals and, much to my surprise, got accepted into all of them. Now, I’m managing myself through 4 different festivals in 2 countries and not being very organized about it.* Well, I intended to be organized. I really did. Back in February I created a google spreadsheet with tabs for each festival and a punch list. I named it FRINGE 2019 ORGANIZATION. Three months later I opened it and wondered why the magical faeries I was counting on hadn’t populated it and starting checking things off that list while I was off doing other things? I guess that’s the tro

#21 If Only This Once You Wouldn't Think Twice

I've always had a rocky relationship with my singing voice. As a kid, I’d sing with my Dad at the bar, happily oblivious to my clearly sub-par vocal range. (Get it together, 5-year old, Colleen!). Dad was a classically trained opera singer, and his voice was incredible. I never received any formal training. I learned to sing by watching Dad and listening to the combined record collections of my parents and my older siblings. I was a total ham. Kim actually played the guitar. I did NOT play the piano, but that didn’t stop me. As I got a little older, and became aware that not only did I sound like Froggy from the Li’l Rascals, but I had started an awkward phase that would last for 20 years, I


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