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#20 What You Gonna Do When Everybody's Insane?

I’ve lived in NYC for almost 25 years and, like many New Yorkers, I’ve developed a keen sense of self preservation while walking these streets. Challenging interactions with our fellow city dwellers seem to be unavoidable, a numbers game of too many people on a too-small island jockeying for dominance. Sometimes, I’m in the wrong place at the wrong time. Sometimes, I’m just a woman existing in a woman’s body. For example: Being jostled (i.e. shoved) on a train, bus, or sidewalk Being verbally assaulted by other aggravated commuters for standing in the wrong place. (I now know exactly where to stand at all times.) Being verbally assaulted by people of unknown mental health status. (Once I had

#19 I Thought It Would Be Easy

Some of you may have noticed the blog has been a little… quiet… over the last month or so. I have about 10 posts started and abandoned in my Evernote app because I haven’t been able to focus on writing recently. A peek into my "process." Mostly it’s the speed of life - in the last 16 weeks I’ve taken 2 vacations, been on 7 business trips requiring air travel, driven miles and miles and miles in rented cars. This is my "what year is it?" face. Oh, and I moved to Brooklyn. Brooklyn life is pretty great. And I have been beating the shit out of myself for everything I haven’t done over the last 6 weeks in particular: mediating, morning pages, working out, WRITING THIS BLOG. I really wish beating


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