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#18 And Laugh in Four or Five Paragraphs

How to Write a Blog Post I’ve had a very packed schedule for the last month or so. Between travel (Mexico, California, Pennsylvania, and the Tri-State Area), work, storytelling shows, and moving to Brooklyn, life has been a little chaotic. My internal clock is off and my usual routines are almost non-existent. So, I was really happy that today would be a REAL writing day. I’m off work so I have the whole day to just be my amazing creative self. Last night, I set my intention to get up early, meditate and head over to the Wing to actually finish one of the many blog post ideas I’d been keeping track of over the last few weeks but haven’t yet written. I envisioned myself rested, energetic, and

#17 I Had No Ready Reply

Costa Rica - 2016, Part 2 I need medical attention, at minimum, an x-ray. As luck would have it, the only x-ray machine on the island belongs to the veterinarian. (If you’re not sure why I need medical attention, you’ll want to read my previous post here.) It’s another team effort to get me loaded in the back seat of the owner’s SUV, where one of the girls from the group pats my shoulder and picks twigs out of my hair. I hear the owner calling the vet’s office and, in what may be my only display of personal agency through this whole ordeal, I say: “I am not going to a veterinarian. I need a doctor. A people doctor." Even though my face is buried in the upholstery of the back seat, I can tell

#16 The Doors You Open I Just Can't Close

February 5, 2016 — Costa Rica Journal entry from my Friday morning beach meditation: New meditation today- the theme is “Acceptance." He starts with a question: “Who or what in your life are you resisting right now?” Feelings of sadness, fear and overwhelm- no surprises- all about work. I'm resisting making my job better. I’m resisting leaving it. I’m resisting making a plan for what I’d do when I leave. How would I live? Freelance? Some other career? Marry well? I want to take some time to write down my dream life. How much will I commit to creativity? How much will I commit to work? I wish I had more time. More time before I have to go back. I may not be ready to go home, but I’m more than


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